Do I measure the hot tub or the box it sits in?

K. Downen from Concorida, Kansas writes,

I have a quick concern.

My tub sits in a box.  The hot tub measures 66 x 72.  The box measures 68.5 x 74.5.  Should I have ordered a top to cover the whole box?


Hello to Kansas from The Pros!

Hot tub cover - measure to fit tub or cabinet

Hot tub cabinet is larger than the hot tub itself

The question you ask is a very common question, so lets help you to understand the topic fully.

The simple answer is, the cover can be sized to either the acrylic shell of the hot tub OR to the size of the cabinet the hot tub sits inside of. The cover will perform equally well either way, as the heat seal is formed by the cover sitting atop the acrylic lip of the tub.

There are a couple of points left to cover, pardon our pun! First, depending on which configuration you decide to go with, be sure to measure the length of the skirt appropriately. If you size your spa cover to the tub itself, measure the skirt so it hangs down to just touch the top “shelf” of the cabinet.

If you decide to size the cover to the cabinet, be sure to measure so the skirt is long enough to hang down to enclose both the tub, the top shelf of the cabinet and the protruding “lip” of the cabinet. In the opinion of the Pros, this is the best looking alternative, as the cover acts as a very nice top to the whole set up.

Also, if you size your cover to the cabinet, be aware of the risk potential of someone sitting or standing on the portion of the cover that extends beyond the support of the acrylic lip of the tub. With enough weight applied to the edge, the internal foam can crack and break. If this happens, you have just voided your cover’s warranty due to abuse!

Happy Tubbing!

Ethel Elliott

Written by HotTubCoverPros

+Ethel writes about all things backyard with a focus on replacement hot tub spa covers. You can also chat with Ethel on Twitter!

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