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Q:  I have searched the Hot Tub Cover Pros site, but I do not find the answer to my specific question. What is my next step?

A: There are a couple of next steps you can take. Please choose from the below:

Email your question to us directly:  Contact The Pros
Post your question here and we will reply:  Ask The Pros

Q:  How long will it take to receive an answer to my question?

A: Questions are typically answered within 4 hours if posted during business hours.

 Q:  What is the catch?

A: There is no catch! Our intent is to provide great detail on maintaining and eventually replacing hot tub and spa covers. We realize you do not want to spend your time or money on a new cover. We hope this site will be a useful resource to save both your time and your money by helping you to understand what cover components are important for you and your particular environment.

Q:  What is the difference between the terms “hot tub covers” and “spa covers”? Which term or terms should I search for?

A: The short answer is, there is no difference but searching on both will give your more complete results. The industry has never really settled on one term and there are many different terms used. We think we have heard them all, but if you have heard any that are not on our list below, we would love to hear from you.

hottub covers
hot tub spa cover
jacuzzi covers
spas cover
hot tub lid
hot tub top
hot tubs covers
sundance spa covers
hot spring hot tub covers
walk on cover
pool spa covers
spa cap
hard cover

Q:  I am torn between shutting down my hot tub and getting it running again. I hate the expense to run it but love the quality time spent in the spa with my wife and family. What are your thoughts, Pros?

A:  We believe you should take full advantage of your investment in your hot tub. Most of the time we hear this, the cover has become waterlogged and weighs a ton, and it is just too much effort to open the top since it cannot be done by someone alone. When a cover becomes waterlogged, it actually pulls heat out of the water, and can dramatically increase the operating cost of heating the water.

A new cover, with the proper components for your environment, can significantly reduce heating costs and makes getting the top off child’s play. A very common comment upon receipt of a new cover is, “Wow! I forgot how light new covers are!” We also get frequent comments like, “The first night with my new cover, my spa heater never kicked on!” With a new cover in place, the barrier to entry quite literally is removed and you can get back to enjoying the benefits – physical, emotional & social – of hot tubbing.

Q:  What is the single most important component in a spa cover?

A:  The answer to this question depends significantly on your environment. A cover for Minneapolis will need to handle both extreme cold and the weight from snow. A cover for Miami will need to handle extreme sun and rain. Briefly, below we have listed what component is most important for each functional area, although they do overlap.

For insulation, the thicker the cover the better.

For strength – to hold weight such as snow – or if your previous cover’s foam broke, the higher the foam density the better. For a hot tub installed flush into a deck, you may even need a Walk On cover that can support the weight of adults walking on it.

For rain – the cover must have a slope or taper from the center fold to the edges.

For insulation when the cover is protected from rain and snow – a flat and non tapering cover will provide the best insulation and strength at the lowest cost.

For hanging a spa cover from a cover lifter or cover removal bar – be sure to have the cover manufactured with reinforcement in the hinge/fold area so the weight of the cover hanging from the lifter will not rip the cover.

For long cover life, be sure to get the best vapor barrier available. These are typically measured and compared by thickness, but some manufacturers use different materials and those cannot be compared using thickness alone.

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