Four Steps to Enjoying your Hot Tub like an Ancient Roman

The ancient Romans knew how to enjoy themselves. They designed elaborate bathhouses and indulged regularly in the experience that included everything from hot water and music to massages and books. You probably don’t have room for such an elaborate arrangement, but you can take four steps to enjoy your hot tub like an ancient Roman.

Give yourself permission to relax.

The ancient Romans made time to enjoy the bathhouse. You can do the same. Of course, you have responsibilities, but that’s exactly why you need to enjoy your hot tub regularly.

After you remove the hot tub cover, step into your spa, sit down, close your eyes and relax. Don’t rush the experience. You’re there to relax, and you can’t do that if it’s just another obligation on your to-do list.

Surround yourself with beautiful architecture.

Roman hot tub

Roman hot tub

Marble columns, carved statues and stained glass decorated Roman bathhouses. Doesn’t that sound like amazing luxury? Maybe you don’t have room or money for marble and statues, but you can dress up your hot tub.

Buy stained glass art and hang it on your patio, or decorate your garden with colorful bottle art. If artwork isn’t your style, erect a trellis nearby. Plant roses, morning glories or other climbing plants on it, and surround your spa with beauty.

Incorporate a massage.

Massage was part of the ancient Roman bath ritual. It can be part of your hot tub routine too. Use a waterproof massager on your neck, arms and head, or have your partner rub your shoulders and back for you. Your sore muscles and your mind will relax as you calmly soak your cares away.

Invite your friends.

Part of the Roman ritual involved socializing. Bathers shared news of the day, debated issues and made policies. You can wheel and deal in your hot tub too or simply enjoy companionship. There’s nothing like time with a friend to encourage and uplift you after a hard work week.

Bathing for the ancient Romans was a way of life, and it can be the same for you too. Indulge in a daily experience that will soon become the highlight of your day.


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