Hot Tub Water Additives – What Can I Put In My Hot Tub?

Hot tubs and spas can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your life. When it comes to getting even more enjoyment out of your hot tub, there are things you can add to your hot tub or spa water that not only enhances the pleasure you receive but can provide you with therapeutic benefits as well. The best part of these additives is the fact they rarely affect the water chemistry and have little to no effect at all on the hot tub or hot tub covers.

Here are some additives the professionals recommend to enhance your hot tub experience:bath-salt-therapy

– Scent pearls and crystals: These allow you to add virtually any scent to your water from Apple through Zanzibar Safari, you can find a scent that gives you an even deeper appreciation of your hot tub.

– Aromatherapy scents: Not only can you find a scent that’s pleasing, but with aromatherapy crystals and pearls, your body can get even more relaxation and benefits from a hot tub session.

– Joint, muscle and respiratory therapy additives: These are designed to help your body to get the most benefit from the hot water and the massaging action of the jets. There are even additives designed specifically for stress relief as well.

– Skin care additives: One of the main complaints is that constant use of a hot tub or spa is hard on the skin. With skin care additives that aren’t oil based (these can cause hot tub damage), not only is that concern averted but your skin can be even healthier, look better and feel better.

– Water colors: These are additives that you can add to your hot tub water to turn it green, blue, yellow, red or any other color you can imagine. These are great for special events such as St. Patrick’s Day, birthdays, the Fourth of July, etc.

Keep in mind that these additives will either evaporate with the water or will be filtered out. You’ll want to clean your filter more often if you use these. Professional hot tub technicians will remind you to clean your filter each time you use water color additives to ensure your water stays clear.

Happy Tubbing!

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  1. Lester Alligood says:

    I have filled my hot tub with water direct from my well that did not go thru my water softner. As a rule this water is hard and contains some iron, etc. etc….Is there an additive I could add to make the water softer and perhaps make my hot tub more enjoyable???? Please let me know…Les…..

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