Weatherproofing Your Hot Tub Or Spa – Winter Preparedness

While some people truly enjoy going outside on an icy Winter night and hopping into their hot tubs, this isn’t something everyone enjoys. That means when the temperatures start falling, those who don’t enjoy Winter hot tubbing will have a desire to winterize their hot tubs until the weather is nice again. But exactly what does it take to winterize a hot tub, especially when the temperatures fall well below freezing?

Here are some things you can do to protect your hot tub or spa over the Winter months:winter-spa-cover-scene

– First and foremost, don’t empty it! An empty hot tub is even more vulnerable to temperature differences than one that is full. Also, having a full hot tub enables you do do other things to protect it.

– Have hot tub or spa covers designed for cold weather. While the normal covers are designed to prevent water from evaporating and debris from getting into the water, extreme weather covers have thicker insulation and are designed to handle the added weight from snow.

– Get a hot tub jacket. Additional Winter covers such as hot tub jackets add insulation and, depending on your installation, can completely cover the entire hot tub or spa, not just the top.

– Leave your heater on, especially during the coldest parts of winter. This will prevent the water in the tub from freezing.

– In conjunction with leaving the heater on, firing your jets every few hours prevents the plumbing underneath the tub from freezing as well.

– Buy a submersible pump and place it in the bottom of your hot tub water. This not only keeps the water in the tub circulating but the heat from the pump warms the water as well.

– Don’t ignore your water chemistry during Winter. Water balance is still important even if you’re not using the hot tub. High acid levels and oxidation can cause damage to both your spa covers and the hot tub itself.

Even if you use your hot tub or spa during the winter, make sure you keep in mind some of the winterizing tips so your tub will stay protected for the days you don’t use it. A hot tub or spa is a definite investment in your life and health and taking care of it during the Winter takes care of that investment.

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